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The commercial greenhouse and nursery industries are a significant GREEN industry in Ottawa County. Over 6,300 acres of nursery stock valued at over 60 million dollars are grown in the county. Greenhouse square footage is estimated at over 6.1 million square feet and valued at over 62 million dollars. MSU Extension provides educational programs, information and materials to these industries.  Educational programs include the West Michigan Summer Nursery Tour, West Michigan Nursery Updates, greenhouse meetings on timely topics and electronic newsletters sent to greenhouse and nursery owners and or growers. If you have specific questions related to greenhouse or nursery issues please feel free to contact:

Heidi Lindberg
Greenhouse and Nursery Educator
Phone number: (616) 994-4701
Fax number: (616) 994-4579
Email address:


MSU Extension Publications for the Landscape and Nursery Professional
Contains short descriptions of eight recent Extension publications all Landscape / Nursery professionals should have.  Visit the MSUE Bookstore website to order publications online or call the Ottawa MSUE office to check availability.  Some publications are available to view or download free in .pdf file format.

Articles and Documents

MSU Trial Gardens Top Performers
Links to photos of annuals to be considered by Michigan greenhouse growers.

MAEAP/Greenhouse*A*Syst Program
A confidential, voluntary and non-regulatory environmental assurance program allows participants to chart a path towards environmental assurance for their greenhouse system.  Program description and tool used to conduct the assessment.

Environmental Assurance for Greenhouse Crop Growers

Greenhouse A Syst for Michigan Producers

Crop*A*Syst for Nursery and Christmas Tree Producers

New Integrated Pest Management Scouting Guides for Landscape and Nursery Use Order Form
New pocket sized scouting guides with color photos are now available for:

  • Nursery
  • Landscape
  • Christmas Trees

Sanitation Strategies for Greenhouse Growers
Document outlines sound management practices greenhouses can observe to reduce the risk of importing and spreading plant diseases in their operation.

Water Use Reporting MDARD Website
Visit this website for the required reporting form if you are an irrigator with the capacity to pump 70 gallons per minute or more.

Greenhouse Insect Management (Revised December 5, 2012)
The latest version of Dr. David Smitley’s insecticide recommendations for floriculture crops. It contains insecticides recommended for all the major greenhouse insects that occur in Michigan.

Greenhouse Sanitation Video/DVD Order Form
An English/Spanish Video or DVD developed by MSU Extension Greenhouse Agents that is a valuable training tool for the greenhouse employees. It focuses on training methods for your workforce to help them understand the ways they can prevent the spread of greenhouse plant diseases.

MSU Resources

MSU Enviro Weather

Agricultural Employers Checklist - Site contains a list of all the steps you need to consider when hiring labor for your operation.

MSU Pesticide Education Web Pages - Site has the Pesticide applicator training manuals, details about applicator certification and the calendar of meetings and exam sites for applicator certification.

MSU Diagnostic Services –Educational site on submitting samples of plants, weeds, insects and nematodes for diagnosis. It contains the required submittal form and other resources to help you solve plant problems.

MSU Floriculture Website
Site designed to give floriculture growers a place to obtain the latest MSU research and extension activities that may be of interest to growers. There are many topics listed with additional links to publications, articles and programs the Extension Floriculture Team has designed for growers.  Further, it includes the latest disease and insect controls as well as topics on lighting, PGR’s and production cost accounting and scheduling with energy costs in mind.

MSU Floriculture Team – The link to the campus and field staff who serve the floriculture industry of Michigan. It contains links to educational meetings, the annual Michigan Greenhouse Expo, College of knowledge and energy related documents of interest to greenhouse growers.

Resources from other Universities or Organizations

Perry’s Perennial Pages - Dr. Leonard Perry University of Vermont’s all inclusive website on perennials.   Site includes research results, photos, publications for growers and your consumer clientele.

RNGR Page - Reforestation, nursery, genetics resource pages listing the Forest Nursery Manual, Tree Planters Notes, and other documents of interest to nursery seedling growers.

Weed Management in Nursery Crops - Web pages for Dr. James Atland at Oregon State University containing useful research results, photos and publications on weed control in nurseries.

Commercial Floriculture-NCSU -Site from North Carolina State University containing many publications and grower useful documents directly related to greenhouse flower production.

Nursery Crop Science-NCSU - Site from North Carolina State University that hosts leaflets, and publications on all aspects of nursery production.

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