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Jeff Dwyer Patrick Cudney

Jeff Dwyer

MSU Extension

Patrick Cudney

Associate Director
MSU Extension

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MSU Extension Director’s Office: 446 W. Circle Drive, Room 108 Agriculture Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824-3704
Phone: 517-355-2308 

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MSU Extension Directors -- Past and Present

2017_MSUE_Map_8.5x11-cropped (1)District Coordinators

MSU Extension is structured into 14 districts. Programming and staffing occurs across district lines as dictated by community needs. The districts simply provide a mechanism for organizing and reporting on our relationships with community-based partners.

View a larger map of the new 14 districts for MSU Extension.

MSU Extension Districts and Coordinators




 District 1 

Paul Putnam


 District 2

Paul Putnam (Interim)


 District 3

Jennifer Berkey


 District 4

Mischelle Warner


 District 5

Michael Krauch


 District 6

Shari Spoelman


 District 7

Betty Blase


 District 8

Bill Hendrian


 District 9

Mike Krauch (Interim)


 District 10

Matt Shane (Interim)


 District 11

Richard Wooten
Edward Scott


 District 12

Matt Shane


 District 13

Julie Pioch


 District 14

Lisa Anderson


Institute Directors

Ronald Bates
Agriculture and Agribusiness
email: batesr2@msu.edu         Office: 517-432-7693

Lisa Bottomley
Children and Youth, acting co-director
email: lbottoml@msu.edu         Office: 517-432-7622

Jake DeDecker
Children and Youth, acting co-director
email: dedecke4@msu.edu      Office: 517-884-5966

Kendra Moyses
Children and Youth, acting co-director
email: kmoyses@msu.edu       Office: 517-432-7654

Dawn A. Contreras
Health and Nutrition
email:  contrer7@msu.edu       Office: 517-353-3886  
Dave Ivan
Greening Michigan: Natural Resources and Community and Economic Development 
email: ivand@msu.edu            Office: 517-432-7602

Administrative Support:            Lori Martin
email: martinl@msu.edu          Phone: 517-355-4631      Fax:  517-355-6748

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