Calling all students, please mark your calendars to attend the teaching seminar of faculty candidate, Ms. Monirehalsadat Mahmoudi, Monday, April 16, 2018 at 1:30 pm

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Faculty Candidate- Teaching Seminar

When: Monday, April 16, 2018 at 1:30 pm
Where: Room 120 School of Packaging
Presenter: Ms. Monirehalsadat Mahmoudi, Arizona State University

“Smart City Logistics: Trends in Sustainable Deliveries”

Ms. Monirehalsadat Mahmoudi Has recently obtained her PhD in Transportation Engineering from Arizona State University. She also has a M.Sc. in Socio-Economics Systems Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic-Iran. Her research is focused on network optimization in large scale transportation networks. Using her knowledge in traffic operations, operations research, computational optimization and economics, Ms. Mahmoudi envisions modelling sustainability with respect to (1) optimized routing of goods, and (2) energy efficiencies for distribution channels of varied types. This novel work could be used for the benefit of both commerce (enhanced efficiency in delivery systems such as shared networks, drones, etc.) and society (reduced used of fossil fuels). In an era of online commerce, where the role of marketing changes in favor of efficient delivery, research at the intersection of environmental consciousness and optimized business strategy is going to be increasingly needed.

Ms. Mahmoudi has been the recipient/finalist of several research awards such as 2016 IBM Service Science student paper award, 2016 Women in OR/MS Monsanto award, 2016 the Institute of Transportation Engineers (Western District) best paper award, and 2016 National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation best paper award.

Mid-term & Long-term Scholarly Plans

She aims to emphasize on two avenues: (1) to develop new courses which hold relevance not only for PKG students, but also for those from other disciplines (including “Decision Analysis in Packaging,” “Multi-Criteria Decision Making,” and “Meta-heuristics: Theory and Applications”), and (2) to advance her research productivity by publishing papers and targeting grant proposals, ranging from federal (e.g., NSF, DOE, etc.) to state, regional, and local agencies/organizations. To tackle the latter objective, Ms. Mahmoudi will put her research emphasis on two main directions: (i) consolidated packaging routing value chain, and (ii) waste value chain.

Building upon her mid-term objectives, Ms. Mahmoudi also wants to contribute to build an image for the area of “packaging value chain,” such that, within 5-10 years, it can be viewed as an interdisciplinary area of research that leads to fundamental and applied research. Regarding this vision, she believes that her publications (with faculties from disciplines such as packaging, civil and environmental engineering, supply chain management, and computer science) and research grants can help to build this image in the long term.







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