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The School of Packaging conducts cutting edge research in a broad number of areas related to packaging.  The research is both fundamental and applied and is funded by a number of sources including State and Federal grants, private industry and foundations.  Researchers within the school collaborate with a large number of groups across the MSU campus, other research universities, not-for-profit research centers and private industry. 

Examples of research conducted at the School of Packaging include:

Packaging Interactions with the consumer:

  • Evaluating label performance and compliance
  • Packaging accessibility for pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • Developing new forms of communication within the package
  • Examining and outlining regulatory compliance and concerns
  • Marketing as applied to the packaging system
  • Virtual design of packaging systems
  • History of packaging

 Packaging Interactions with the product:

  • Permeability of gases and vapor through packaging materials and systems
  • Active packaging: develop safety components within the packaging material for an active role in the quality and safety of food and pharmaceutical products
  • Migration and scalping of additives from the packaging material
  • Assessing regulatory implementation

 Packaging Interactions with the environment:

  • Developing sustainability concepts and methodology
  • Evaluating sustainable materials: LCA, bio-degradability, recyclability, etc..
  • Evaluation of distribution performance
  • Reusable packaging system analysis

 New packaging materials

  • Developing new sustainable packaging materials
  • Identifying and evaluating new indicators for packaging sustainability
  • Method development and validation for evaluating packaging material performance

 Packaging processes

  • Packaging distribution and logistics within supply chains
  • Impact of packaging processes on the finished product’s business plan
  • Quality design as applied to packaging

For more information please contact: 

Aaron Walworth 
Laboratory Manager

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