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Stevenson, J., D. Byerlee, N. Villorio, T. Kelley and M. Maredia. 2013. The Green Revolution saved an estimated 18 to 27 million hectares from being brought into agricultural production. PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Published online before print.  May 13, 2013, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1208065110.

Bennett, J., T. Kelley and M. Maredia. 2012. Expost assessment of environmental impacts of international agricultural research: conceptual issues, applications and the way forward. Research Evaluation 21 (3): 216‐228

Raitzer, D. and M. K. Maredia. 2012. Analysis of agricultural research investment priorities for sustainable poverty reduction in Southeast Asia. Food Policy 37 (2012):412‐426.

Maredia, M.K. and D. Raitzer. 2012. Review and Analysis of Documented Trends and Patterns of Agricultural Research Impacts in Southeast Asia. Agricultural Systems (106): 46‐58.

Maredia, Mywish, Richard H. Bernsten, Catherine Ragasa. 2010. Returns to Public Sector Plant Breeding in the Presence of Spill‐ins and Private Goods: The Case of Bean Research in Michigan. Agricultural Economics 41 (2010): 425442.

Maredia, M.K. and David Raitzer. 2010. Estimating Overall Returns to International Agricultural Research in Africa through Benefit‐Cost Analysis: A ‘Best‐Evidence’ Approach. Agricultural Economics 41 (2010):81100.

Maredia, M.K. 2010. Impacts of Agricultural Development on Food Security Goals: Methods, Approaches, and Best Practices for Improving the Proof. In: Spielman, David, J. and Rajul Pandya‐ Lorch.(eds.) “Proven successes in agricultural development: a technical compendium to Millions Fed,” IFPRI: Washington, D.C., pp 575‐600.

Maredia, M.K., D. Byerlee, and P. Pee. 2000. Impacts of Food Crop Improvement Research: Evidence from Sub‐Saharan Africa. Food Policy 25(5): 531‐559.

Maredia, M.K. and D. Byerlee. 2000. Efficiency of Research Investments in the Presence of International Spillovers: A Case Study of Wheat Research. Agricultural Economics 22 (2000):1‐16

Maredia, M.K., Ward, R. and Byerlee, D. 1996. Econometric Estimation of a Global Spillover Matrix for Wheat Varietal Technology. Agricultural Economics, 14(3):159‐173

Maredia, M.K. and Eicher, C.K. 1995. The Economics of Wheat Research Investments in Developing Countries: The One Hundred Million Dollar Puzzle. World Development, 23 (3).

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