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Selected Publications (Since 2002)

“Does sharecropping affect long-term investment? Evidence from West Bengal’s tenancy reforms,” (with K. Deininger and V. Yadav). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95(May 2013):772-790.

“Land Rental Markets in Kenya: Implications for Efficiency, Equity, Household Income and Poverty,” (with T.S. Jayne). Land Economics 89(May 2013):246-271.

“Wage Discrimination in India’s Informal Labor Markets: Exploring the Impact of Caste and Gender,” (with K. Deininger, and H. Nagarajan). Review of Development Economics 17(February 2013):130-147.

“The Relative Importance of Selfishness and Social Capital Motives,” (with L., Robison R. Shupp, M. Siles, and T. Ferrarini).  Journal of Socio-Economics 41 (January 2012):118-127.

“Social Capital and the Distribution of Household Income in the United States: Panel evidence from 1980, 1990 and 2000,” (with L. Robison L., and M. Siles). Journal of Socio-Economics 40(October, 2011): 538-547. 

“Productivity, Efficiency and Technical Change: Measuring the Performance of China’s Transforming Agriculture,” (with H. Ma, J. Huang, R. Hu, and S. Rozelle). Journal of Productivity Analysis 33(June 2010): 191-207.

“Land Rental Markets in the Process of Rural Structural Transformation: Productivity and Equity Impacts from China,” (with K. Deininger). Journal of Comparative Economics 37(December 2009):629-646.

“Securing Property Rights in Transition: Lessons from Implementation of China’s Rural Land Contracting Law,” (with K. Deininger). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 70(May 2009):22-38.

“Linking Investment Climate and Household Surveys to dentify Key Constraints of Rural Nonfarm Activity: Evidence from Tanzania,” (with K. Deininger). Journal of African Economies 18(March 2009): 319-361.

“Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Rural Land Rental Restrictions: Evidence from India,” (with K. Deininger and H. Nagarajan). European Economic Review 52(July 2008):892-918.

“Land Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural Vietnam,” (with K. Deininger). Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(February 2008): 67-101.

“Sri Lanka’s rural non-farm economy: Removing constraints to pro-poor growth” (with K. Deininger and M. Sur). World Development 35(December 2007):2056-2078.

“Tenure Security and Land-Related Investment: Evidence from Ethiopia,” (with K. Deininger). European Economic Review 50(July 2006):1245-1277.

“Economies of Scale and Scope, and the Economic Efficiency of China’s Agricultural Research System,” (with S. Rozelle, J. Alston, J. Huang). International Economic Review 46(August 2005): 1033-57.

“The Potential of Land Rental Markets in the Process of Economic Development: Evidence from China,” (with K. Deininger). Journal of Development Economics 78(October 2005):241-270.

“The Impact of Property Rights on Investment, Risk Coping, and Policy Preferences: Evidence from China,” (with K. Deininger). Economic Development and Cultural Changes 51(July 2003):851-882.

“The Creation and Spread of Technology and Total Factor Productivity in Chinese Agriculture,” (with J. Huang, R. Hu and S. Rozelle). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 84(Nov 2002):916-930.

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