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Selected Publications

Wolf, C. and G. Tonsor. “Dairy Farmer Policy Preferences.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 38(August 2013):220-234.

Binkley, D., S. Harsh, C. Wolf, D. Kirk, and S. Safferman. “Electricity Purchase Agreementsand Distributed Energy Policies for Anaerobic Digesters.” Energy Policy 53(February 2013):341-352.

Olynk, N., C. Wolf, and G. Tonsor. Production Technology Option Value: The Case of rbST in Michigan.” Agricultural Economics 43(November 2012 Supplement S1):1-9.

Wolf, C. “Dairy Farmer Use of Price Risk Management Tools.” Journal of Dairy Science 95(July 2012):4176-4183.

Tonsor, G. and C. Wolf. “The Effect of Video Information on Consumers: The Case of Milk Production Attributes.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(2012):503-508 doi:10.1093/ajae/aar078.

Wolf, C., G. Tonsor, and N. Olynk. “Understanding US Consumer Demand for Milk        Production Attributes.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 36(August    2011):326-342.

Wolf, C., F. Lupi, and S. Harsh. “Farmer Demand for Financial Record-Keeping System Attributes.” Agricultural Finance Review 71(2011):259-276.

Tonsor, G. and C. Wolf. “On Mandatory Labeling of Animal Welfare Attributes.” Food Policy 36(June 2011):430-437.

Olynk, N., and C. Wolf. “Aligning Incentives for Contract Dairy Heifer Raising.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 35(December 2010):489-502.

Wolf, C. “Understanding the Milk-to-Feed Price Ratio as a Proxy for Dairy Farm Profitability.” Journal of Dairy Science 93(October 2010):4942-4948.

Tonsor, G., C. Wolf, and  N. Olynk. “Consumer Voting and Demand Behavior Regarding Swine Gestation Crates.” Food Policy 34(December 2009):492-498.

Tonsor, G., N. Olynk, and C. Wolf. “Consumer Preferences for Animal Welfare Attributes: The Case of Gestation Crates.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 41(December 2009):713-730.

Wolf, C., J.R. Black and J. Hadrich. “Upper Midwest Dairy Farm Revenue Variation and Insurance Implications.” Agricultural Finance Review 69(Fall 2009):346-358.

Gramig, B., R. Horan and C. Wolf. “Livestock Disease Indemnity Design When Moral Hazard is Followed by Adverse Selection.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(August 2009):627-641.

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