Summer Camps

 Thank you for a wonderful 2017 season! Please check back in January for 2018 registration.


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Animal Camp

Animals play a lot of roles on the farm; providing food, clothing, hard work, and companionship. We will spend our week learning about animal behavior and how to interact with and care for MSU Tollgate's animals. Our adventures will lead us beyond the barnyard to discover the diverse habitats of animals in the forest and by the pond. Discoveries, collaboration, and play are in store for this fun-filled week!

  • July 16 - July 20
  • August 13 - August 17

Beginner Horse Camp Level 1

Imagine yourself learning all about the equine world. Horse grooming and care, saddling, medical care, and nutrition are just some of the exciting opportunities at MSU Tollgate Farm Horse Camp. And of course you will be able to enjoy the horses up close and personal as you gain horseback riding skills during your equine adventure on the farm!

  • July 23 - July 27
  • August 6 - August 10

Beginner Horse Camp Level 2*

Must have attended Beginner Horse Camp Level 1 in order to register for Beginner Horse Camp Level 2.

  • August 13 - August 17

Botany in the Kitchen*

Botany in the Kitchen is a more in depth exploration of our well loved Garden Kitchen. Spend time outdoors immersed the world of plants while we learn alongside the MSU Tollgate Sustainable Agriculture team. Get to know kitchen tools as you improve your knife skills, learn the difference between a puree and a sauce, and much more all while making delicious dishes from locally grown produce. For campers 12 to 14 years old.

  • August 20 - August 24

Bug Camp

We will have fun with some of our farm's smallest inhabitants. Meet MSU Bug House entomologists and their collection, contribute to The Lost Ladybug Project, and much, much more! Insects are key for helping our garden grow and decompose. Learn who has what job and why we need to keep the creepy crawlies around. 

  • July 30 - August 3

Eco Warriors*

Eco Warriors is perfect for those who like to tinker, engineer, craft, and change the way we think about trash! The week will include a field trip to the Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County, calculating our eco footprint, exploring pros and cons of renewable energy, and repurposing items in our maker space. We will learn from the MSU Tollgate Sustainable Agriculture Team about closing the food waste loop, prepare, and eat locally grown snacks, and consider the impact of our resource use in agriculture.

  • August 27 - August 30

Food Camp

Calling all foodies! Our week will include digging into the garden, caring for the animals, and exploring the surrounding field, forest, and pond. We will interact with goats and greens as we engage in food science and make nutritious snacks that taste yummy too! We will grow, harvest, and cook with MSU Tollgate farmers each day as we build our sense of food community.

  • August 20 - August 24

Green Science Adventure Camp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day on the farm? Our flagship camp is a great taste of our engagement on the farm. We will spend our days at MSU Tollgate feeding critters in the barnyard, tracking animals in the forest, playing cooperative games, and preparing garden fresh snacks that YOU helped grow.

  • June 25 - June 29

Survival Camp

Do you have what it takes to survive Camp Tollgate? Test your skills with fire building, archery, fishing, wilderness first aid, shelter building, orienteering, and more! Our farm based adventures mean we will also be learning about what plants and animals need for survival.

  • July 9 - July 13
  • August 6 - 10

Water Camp

Dive into the world of the pond to investigate the animals, bugs, and plants that call it home. This week is perfect for the camper who is interested in fishing, canoeing, and pond dipping for macroinvertebrates. Learn about water conservation. What happens to the rain that falls on MSU Tollgate Farm? How do the plants and animals that we grow and care for impact our water? We will close our week with the return of our famous waterslide for a splashing good time!

  • July 23 - July 27

Winged Wonders

Have you ever wondered about the creatures that flap, fly, and float through the air? We have banded together with Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners, Michigan to offer this 'sleep-over' camp. You will become an ornithologist to study birds and their amazing feats as we hike the fields and forests of MSU Tollgate Farm and KBS! We will explore wild and domestic birds through interactive, hands-on science activities. This camp meets 9 am - 4 pm Monday and Friday at MSU Tollgate Farm in Novi for two days of farm-based birding adventures. Tuesday through Thursday campers travel from Tollgate to stay two overnights at KBS. Interact with research scientists, meet raptors up close and personal, make new friends, and have lots of fun! Best of all, be a field scientists and camp out under the stars while at KBS. For campers age 9 to 12 years old. Transportation and tents provided.

  • July 16 - July 20


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