Check-In Information

Check-In Process

  1. From the 4-H check-in table, participants receive:
  • Activity guide
  • T-shirt
  • Name badge
  1. At the residence hall check-in station, participants get:
  • Room key
  • Name badge holder & lanyard
  • Conference card (Conference cards are coded to allow participants entry to their housing floors, elevators and cafeteria. Participants will not be able to enter their cafeteria without their conference card and it will allow entry only once for each meal.)

Residence halls will already have pillows and linen packets (2 sheets, pillowcase and 2 towels) placed in each room. Blankets are also available from the residence halls if cool weather conditions occur during the event. Blanket distribution is determined by each residence hall. Some may provide them in each room before participants arrive. Others may choose to provide blankets upon request from the reception desk.

Each person should check-in themselves. Accepting keys and conference cards for those not attending will result in the full fee instead of the reduced cancellation fee.


Standard Wednesday Arrival

Check-in is from 8-11 a.m. in the residence hall on the side to which you are assigned – East, West, North, or South.


Tuesday Early Arrival

Arriving Tuesday evening is an option for delegations traveling long distances. Early youth must have chaperones of the same gender on their housing floor. All Tuesday early arrivals must be registered by their county as early arrivals. There is an added cost for the early arrival registration package which covers Tuesday lodging and Wednesday breakfast. Early arrival breakfast is served in Akers Hall. Tuesday dinner is not provided.

All Tuesday early arrival check-in begins in West Akers Hall outside General Headquarters. From there, participants proceed to their assigned residence hall to complete the check in process.

The check-in schedule for Tuesday early arrivals is:

4-5 p.m. Groups that bicycle to the event

5-9 p.m. All other early arrivals


Late Arrival Information

Late arrivals begin their check-in process at their assigned residence hall’s 4-H Information Center. From there, they proceed to the hall reception desk on the side of the hall to which they are assigned. The location of each hall’s 4-H Information Center is listed in the activity guide.