This annual event provides Michigan 4-H shooting sports members with the opportunity to test their skills and earn recognition with other 4-H members from all over the state.

Location: Centerline of Calhoun County

Event Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022


Participants: Registration closed.

Volunteers: Please read guidance for volunteers in this link. It will help answer many questions. Register here.  **As of July 20, volunteers are still needed in these key areas:

  • Shotgun ranges (range help and scorers)
  • Air Rifle (range help and scorers)
  • County Coordinator needed for Montcalm participants
  • If we are unable to find more volunteers in these areas, competition times may be delayed farther into the day, while other events rap up much sooner. Please consider joining the volunteer team, if you are able!
  • Volunteers may register here or email once the registration link is closed (July 20th at midnight).



This annual event, sometimes referred to as the “4-H State Shoot,” provides Michigan 4-H shooting sports members with the opportunity to test their skills and earn recognition with other 4-H members from all over the state.


Events include:

BB Gun Muzzle loading .22 Cal Rifle (Field and Target)
Target Archery Skeet Air Rifle (Precision and Sporter)
3-D Archery Trap  Individual and Team competition

 *Hunting & Wildlife (will not be part of the July 23 event, but will be included virtually in Fall 2022. Details when they become available.)

Tournament Rules, Information & Registration Forms

Registration details, general tournament rules, division information (ages), event specific rules, awards presentation, and more.

  • Event map at Centerline.
  • All participants register online before the June 29, 2022 deadline. Registration instructions will be provided by local county instructors. 
  • Registration should be done by Instructors/Club Leaders (or with their guidance) to ensure participants are registering for the proper classes. Proceeding without an instructor can result in errors. An example of a common error is registration into a sighted or unsighted archery event by a competitor using a release aid. Use of release aids is only allowed in the Open/Release Aid division. For those new to this sport, this can be a confusing but important distinction.
  • Registration fee is $30/youth participant. 
  • Registration confirmation will be sent to the email address entered on the contestant’s registration. It is the contestant’s responsibility to make sure they check their email to confirm they are registered for the correct event.  No changes will be made after July 5, 2022 at 3 p.m.
  • Absolutely no late or on-site registration changes will be permitted. Thank you for understanding!
  • Media and medical consents - Please make sure these are current in 4-HOnline. Consents must be on file and current in your county records in order to participate.
  • Registration Tip: Signing up for archery? If your member is using a release aid, they MUST register for the Open/Release Aid Division. 

Volunteer Registration and Information

  • Due to the size and scope of this event, we require approximately a 1:4 volunteer to contestant ratio. To ensure safety and an enjoyable experience, events without sufficient volunteers may be postponed or cancelled.
  • Volunteers can be registered here. Confirmation sent to your registration e-mail closer to the event. 
  • Jobs are available for those without a background in shooting sports. Training will be provided. 
  • Available roles are listed by volunteer type (Gold or Silver). While adults may register for a volunteer job without having the Volunteer Selection Process status, they should immediately apply (follow link) for approval to allow ample time to complete background checks prior to this event. MSU Extension is firmly committed to ensuring the safety of those who take part in our programming by providing a thorough screening and selection process for MSU Extension volunteers. This ensures those who work alongside us or directly with youth and the people we serve are safe and have positive experiences that enrich their lives. Further information about the Volunteer Selection Process is available here.
  • Volunteer check-in will occur at the range to which you’ve been assigned. If you are unable to fulfill your assigned volunteer job, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement. Notify the range event coordinators of any substitutions upon check in.

Volunteer FAQS:

  1. What time do I check-in? Volunteers are asked to report at time reported on the Relays/Squads page. Due to the number of competitors, most competition will occur in the morning only. PM volunteer stations will likely not be needed (unless there are unforeseen delays during the day.) We are asking everyone to shift to AM volunteer tasks. The one exception will be at PM data entry -- please report to the clubhouse as scheduled to help enter scores. 
  2. Lunch for volunteers: Let us feed you as thanks! You will receive a food voucher for a meal as our thanks for making this event possible to our youth. One voucher will be provided per volunteer. Pick up your food voucher from Range Officers leading your station.
  3. Lunch for competitors and families: A menu and food costs will be shared by our Centerline friends shortly so families and competitors can plan on how much money to bring, or if you want to bring your own picnic lunch.  Don't forget to save room for one of Centerline's famous root beer floats!
  4. Canopies, shade structures, lawn chairs: families and clubs are welcome to bring shade structures and may put them up in designated areas. Please wait for our Range Officers okay to put up your tents, so we are sure all are safely placed behind spectator lines. You may wish to bring your own lawn chairs as well.

Schedule of Events

  • Competitor/Equipment check-in and shooting times will vary depending on the range and event. Watch email for time information.
  • Check-In Times for Ranges: See Relay/Squad page 
  • The relay and squad rosters can be found by visiting the Relays and Squads page.
  • Awards Ceremony: presented on site approximately one to two hours after all events have finished.
    • Recognition for the 2020-2022 National Shooting Sports Ambassadors
    • Announcements of upcoming 4-H shooting sports regional events and competitions
    • Announcement of all event winners

Event Location Details

Centerline of Calhoun County - Many thanks to Centerline of Calhoun County and members for hosting us this year!

  • Directions: Please use the directions posted on the Centerline of Calhoun County's Website.
  • Event map for Centerline 
  • Lunch: available on sight from Centerline's clubhouse
    • Hamburgers/Hotdogs $3
    • Chips $1
    • Pop, coffee, water $1
    • Rootbeer Floats $2
  • Portable bathrooms will be placed through the event location.
  • Water coolers will be available at most ranges (or nearby). Please bring your own refillable container for free water refills. 



Laura Quist
Phone: (231) 779-9480

4-H Shooting Sports General Program Homepage

Tournament Rules page for contact information for Event Coordinators, who can provide discipline specific information.