April 19, 2007 (Open session) Lister Hill Auditorium on the NIH Campus

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8:00-8:05 Welcome and overview: Lou DePaolo (NICHD/NIH)

Session I: Reproduction & Developmental Biology: Chairs, Mark Mirando (USDA-CSREES), Michael Roberts (University of Missouri)

8:05-8:40 Heart-Healthy Pork, and Green Eggs and Ham: Genetically Modified Pigs for Medicine and Agriculture, Randall Prather

8:40-9:15 PLCzeta, the Sperm Factor of Mice, Bovine and Men, Rafael Fissore

9:15-9:50 Domestic Animal Models for Cardiovascular Disease and Therapeutic Cloning, Cindy Tian

9:50-10:00 Discussion

10:00-10:15 BREAK

Session II: Developmental Origins of Disease: Chairs, Cristina Rabadan- Diehl NHLBI/NIH), Peter Preusch (NIGMS/NIH)

10:15-10:50 Developmental Programming of Adult Disease: Understanding the Impact on Human Health and Animal Production, Larry Reynolds

10:50-11:25 Cardiac Vulnerability Models in Developing Sheep, Kent Thornburg

11:25-noon Developmental Programming of Reproductive and Metabolic Health and Disease, Vasantha Padmanabhan

Noon-12:10 Discussion


Session III: Metabolism: Chairs, Deb Hamernik (USDA-CSREES), LeBris Quinn (University of Washington)

1:00-1:35 The Neonatal Pig as a Dual-Use Model for Studies of the Developmental Regulation of Protein Metabolism, Teresa Davis

1:35-2:10 Bench to Bedside: Where Do “Obese” Pigs Fit In? Mike Spurlock

2:10-2:45 Nutritional Biochemistry of the Developing Neonate: Insights Gleaned from a Piglet Model, Jack Odle

2:45-3:00 Discussion

3-3:15 pm BREAK

Session IV: Infectious Disease: Chairs, Sam Perdue (NIAID/NIH), Guy Palmer (Washington State University)

3:15-3:50 Pathogen Emergence and Shifts in Infectious Disease Patterns: Studies in Real-Time Using Domestic Animals, Guy Palmer

3:50-4:25 Horse Sense and HIV: Using an Equine Model to Study Correlates of Lentivirus Immune Control, Robert Mealey

4:25-5:00 Of Mice, Calf and Men: The Use of Domestic Species to Study Salmonella-induced Acute Intestinal Inflammation, Andreas Baumler

5:00-5:10 Discussion

5:10-6:30 Steering Committee synthesizes results of workshop

April 20, 2007 (By invitation only)

Natcher Conference Center (Room E1/E2) on NIH Campus, William H. Natcher Building, Building 45

Session V: Meeting Summary and Planning Session: Chairs, Lou DePaolo (NICHD/NIH), Mark Mirando (USDA-CSREES), Dale Bauman (Cornell University)

8-11 am Summary, discussion and planning 11 am Adjourn.