We are helping to expand opportunities for agroforestry practices among private landowners, by connecting farmers and woodland owners with information and programs that help them diversify their revenue and address environmental challenges.


Who Are We?

A team of Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin researchers and Extension professionals has recently been awarded funding from USDA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help support use of agroforestry practices and markets by small and medium sized farms in the region.

“This project involves a team of passionate and dedicated researchers and Extension professionals who have worked with farmers and woodland owners in the Upper Midwest for decades. This is a unique opportunity to support synergy between forestry and agriculture professionals and landowners to expand use of agroforestry practices through the region,” said Dr. Emily Huff, the project lead and Associate Professor in the Department of Forestry at Michigan State University.

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What Practices Are Included?

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How Can I Participate?


  • Peer-to-Peer Agroforestry Exchanges
    • Are you interested in sharing information with like-minded individuals? We are seeking farmers who would host an Agroforestry Exchange at their farm (or a series of meetings). We will provide refreshments and recommend some professionals who can come speak and kick off your meeting. We can work with you to brainstorm topics, format, and logistics. We are also seeking farmers who are interested in attending a nearby exchange - we can connect you to hosts!
  • Cost-share for Management Plans (that include Agroforestry)
    • Are you interested in developing a management plan for your property? We are looking for farmers open to having a management plan written for the trees and woods on your farm. We will connect you to a forester who can write a plan for you, and may be able to cost-share some or all of the plan expenses. 
  • Video production, Interviews, and Case Studies
    • Are you interested in participating in a video that displays your practices? Or are you willing to have a researcher come and interview you on your farm? We are recruiting interested farmers who have already initiated an agroforestry practice, are thinking about initiating a practice in the next 1-2 years (so we can follow your process of installing this practice), or are not yet sure if agroforestry is a good fit for their land. Case study materials (videos, photos, written material) would be shared on the National Agroforestry Center website, the project website, and with other groups who serve farmers. Interviews will inform research to better understand the decision-making process for agroforestry practices. 
  • Demonstration sites for field days
    • Are you interested in your property becoming an educational site? We are seeking farmers with current agroforestry practices to host other farmers for field days and demonstrations. We will support you with refreshments, guest speakers, and assist with logistics.

Natural Resource and Agriculture Professionals:

  • Trainings
    • If you are a professional in forestry or agriculture who works with landowners, we’d love to support your professional development in the Agroforestry domain. We will help cover registration and travel costs to Agroforestry trainings - either to become a certified Technical Service Provider or to learn more about the topic.
  • Focus Groups
    • We will host several focus groups that combine forestry and agriculture professionals to share best practices and develop strategies for serving landowners with multiple land cover and land use needs. We are seeking volunteers to share their insight.
  • Survey
    • We are recruiting professionals to tell us more about your work serving landowners and your knowledge/interest in Agroforestry. The online survey is estimated to take 15 minutes of your time.
  • Technical Expert for Field Days, Agroforestry Exchanges, and more
    • We are seeking professionals in all three states who can share their expertise with farmers and other landowners. We are particularly interested in those who can share knowledge about any of the agroforestry practices above (including general woodland management) and those who can share information for new farmers.

What Else is Included?

  • Christmas Trees

Questions about Christmas Trees? Contact Bill Lindberg.

  • Maple Syrup

Questions about Maple Syrup? Contact Jesse Randall.

  • Nut Trees

Questions about Nut Trees? Find Resources Here.


If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in this project - either research or event opportunities - please contact the Project Manager, Amanda Curton at curtonam@msu.edu