West Michigan Agroforestry Partnership




Rural Action

This Sustainable Forestry Program works with private landowners, non-profits, and government departments to promote sustainably managed forests.


Ohio State University Extension

Information about Mushroom Cultivation.


Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

The OEFFA strives to create a world with sustainably managed farms and agriculture that protects the environment.




Savanna Institute

The Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with farmers and scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US. Inspired by the native savanna ecosystems that once covered much of this region, the Savanna Institute conducts research, education, and outreach to support the growth of diverse, perennial agroecosystems.


Canopy Farm Management

They offer tree planting and management services, including Agroforestry practices.





Agroforestry Coalition

We are a network of agroforestry agitators, innovators and experts working across sectors to scale up agroforestry in the United States. The Agroforestry Coalition is in a phase of growth and actualization. Together, we are discovering our most essential niche in the vibrant ecosystem of agroforestry and sustainable agriculture organizations and networks.


Agroforestry Partners

Agroforestry Partners invests in agroforestry projects on farmland with the strategy of providing uncorrelated and attractive nature-based investment opportunities for investors.


Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition
A network of forest farmers, forestland owners, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations that share a common goal of improving agroforestry production opportunities and farming capabilities among forest farmers.


Appalachian Sustainable Development
This Agroforestry Program was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping farmers adopt agroforestry practices that support both conservation and specialty crop production.


The Center for Agroforestry

One of the world's leading contributors to the science behind Agroforestry. Check out their Agroforestry Podcast here.


Cornell Agroforestry Resource Center

Since its establishment in 2003, the Agroforestry Resource Center has hosted hundreds of educational events, drawing an audience of thousands from around the region and across the Northeast.


Farm to Plate

Farm to Plate is Vermont's food system plan being implemented statewide to increase economic development and jobs in the farm and food sector, improve soils, water, and resiliency of the working landscape in the face of climate change, and improve access to healthy local foods for all Vermonters.


Forest Asyst

Forest*A*Syst is a self-assessment guide, designed for a national audience, with the goals of helping new forest landowners articulate their objectives in a written management plan and foster a working relationship with a resource professional who can provide them with technical assistance.


Indiana Agroforestry

Exploring markets and alternatives for trees and shrubs.


Interlace Commons
Interlace Commons’ mission is to promote the adoption of agroforestry land-use practices that address climate change and land degradation and move toward resilient, biodiverse landscapes that enhance livelihoods. We achieve our mission through farmer-driven field projects, education, and research initiatives throughout the Northeastern United States.


The Kerr Center

An innovator and leader of sustainable agricultural practices in Oklahoma.


Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Agroforestry (NEMA) Working Group

A network of researchers, technical service providers, agency staff, farmers and producers focused on educating, promoting and implementing agroforestry systems in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region of North America.


Savanna Institute

An organization that works with farmers and scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US. Inspired by the native savanna ecosystems that once covered much of this region, the Savanna Institute conducts research, education, and outreach to support the growth of diverse, perennial agroecosystems.


Sunfleck Consulting, LLC
Sunfleck Consulting helps people manage trees to solve problems.


Trees for Graziers

The Grazier’s Guide to Trees lays out a bold yet practical vision for regenerative grazing, one that takes the ecological health, economic profitability and all-around resilience of grass farms to whole new heights.


National Agroforestry Center

The mission of the USDA National Agroforestry Center is to advance the health, diversity, and productivity of working lands, waters, and communities through agroforestry.

The Nature Conservancy
Eligible farmers in the United States have an opportunity to participate in a new project to increase their incomes and enhance the environment through expanded agroforestry plantings in 30 states.


NRCS and the Benefits of Agroforestry

NRCS provides America with financial and technical assistance to help agricultural operations.


Organic Association of Kentucky

They work to advance regenerative agriculture. Take their survey here!



We make it easy for landowners to design, plant, and manage agroforestry systems so that they can increase the cash yield of farmland.


Virginia Cooperative Extension
While timber provides only periodic income, many other production systems in forests can produce yearly income, if well managed. Opportunities include production of mushrooms, fruits, and botanical herbs, as well as management of trees in combination with livestock or crops.


West Virginia Folklife
Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, presentation, and support of West Virginia’s vibrant cultural heritage and living traditions.


West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative

The West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative is a collaborative effort to grow a thriving  ecosystem and economy for non-timber forest products and the people who love them in the Mountain State. ​


World Agroforestry Organization

A centre of science and development excellence that harnesses the benefits of trees for people and the environment.



Funding For Agroforestry


Conservation Reserve Program

In exchange for a yearly rental payment, farmers enrolled in the program agree to remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and plant species that will improve environmental health and quality.


Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

EMEF seeks to catalyze the adoption of agroforestry in the United States to help mitigate or reverse climate change.


Environmental Quality Incentives Program

EQIP is NRCS’ flagship conservation program that helps farmers, ranchers and forest landowners integrate conservation into working lands.


Healthy Soils Competitive Fund

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is now accepting grant applications for its Healthy Soils Competitive Fund. This program provides financial assistance to eligible farmers and organizations to adopt conservation practices that benefit the climate, soil and water.


The Nature Conservancy

Over the course of five years, $36 million will be paid out to producers in direct incentive payments to transform 30,000 acres spanning 30 states into agroforestry systems, thus building a foundation for expanding agroforestry practices nationally.
Northeast Organic Farming

NOFA-VT offers a variety of funding opportunities to help farmers and food producers. Explore the resources below to learn about our programs that may help you meet your current business needs.


The West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative (WVFFI) Mini Grant

These mini grants of up to $400.00 are available to applicants to help offset the cost of application to the Forest Grown Verification program, purchase planting stock, site security, planting and harvest tools, soil amendments, shade house supplies, and other items upon approval.



Job Postings



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