Finding & Using Photos

Adding photos to marketing material makes it more aesthetically pleasing, can provide important visual information and context, and makes it more likely to be read and shared by others.

When selecting images of people who are participants in MSU Extension programs or members of the general public, be sensitive to people’s privacy, especially minors. Select only photo-released images of minors. When using images of youth at events who are wearing name badges, please edit out readable names.

Use high-resolution photos so your final story of marketing piece is clear and of high quality, especially when used in print. If you have a low-resolution photo it can look pixelated and less professional. 

Make sure you have permission to use the photo. You can use a photo you’ve taken yourself or use photos in the public domain that are available royalty-free or under certain conditions under a Creative Commons license. Always read the site license to ensure that you understand the parameters for using a photo.

Common places to find photos (Royalty-free) (Royalty-free) (Public Domain and Creative Commons) (Flickr search with easy Creative Commons filter) (Royalty-free) (Public Domain) (Royalty-free) (Royalty-free) (Royalty-free)

ANR Photo Library

Photo Release Form