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Is there a great student story that needs to be told within the Michigan State University College of Agriculture & Natural Resources? Is something happening within your department that needs to be highlighted and promoted? You can now submit your story idea directly to ANR Communications & Marketing.

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Fill out our Google Form with your story idea and contact information.

ANR News & Events

ANR News & Events is a weekly e-newsletter for Michigan State University (MSU) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) faculty and staff.

We accept submissions in the following areas:

News releases, stories and articles:

  • Raise awareness of the advancements and discoveries happening within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension.
  • Are timely.
  • Show our value as a college.

Announcements and awards featuring faculty, staff and students:

  • Fellowships
  • Awards
  • Promotions and new hires
  • Staff and faculty recognition

Events that:

  • Have broad appeal or subject-matter relevance to faculty, staff and students
  • Need to first be promoted online or have a dedicated web page

To connect with a faculty member, educator or researcher, contact:

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