Animal Science...what, why, and how.

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Throughout history, domestic livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry and horses) have provided humans with a major source of food, fiber, pleasure and companionship. Over the last century, advances in animal feeding, breeding, reproduction and management techniques occurred simultaneously with improvement in other agricultural practices.

The rate of technological innovations in animal agriculture has accelerated in the last 20 years. Computers are revolutionizing animal production, research and marketing capabilities. Alternate feed sources have been identified; estrus synchronizing agents have been discovered; embryo transfer techniques have been developed; and new growth-promoting compounds are being tested. Molecular geneticists are beginning to unravel the complexities of mammalian genes, and the field of biotechnology has been born. Immunology and studies of animal behavior offer new insight into ways of enhancing animal efficiency.

Animal Science is an exciting field that has application from production through agribusiness and processing as well as in research and other scientific endeavors. We hope that the program in Animal Science at Michigan State University will fulfill your needs and expectations.

 Read more about different species and areas studied, taught, and shared through the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University.

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