Application Process for Domestic & International Students



Submit an online application through the MSU Graduate School and pay the application fee ($50 U.S. dollars). The codes for Animal Science are 0290 for master's degrees, and 0291 for doctoral degrees. For the Environmental Toxicology PhD degree program, the code is 0472.


Send the following documents to the place indicated (Department address is at end of this page):

  • Personal/Academic statement (include with the application or send separately to the Department)
  • Official GRE scores sent from ETS to MSU, code 1465 - (For regular admittance, tests should have been taken within two years of application date and scores must be at or above the   20th percentile in each of the three areas: verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing.) 
  • Request Official transcripts or academic records be sent directly to the Department from all institutions listed on the application. (A GPA of at least 3.0 for the Bachelor's Degree is a requirement.)
  • Arrange for three letters of recommendation be sent to the Department directly from the referees with accompanying MSU Recommendation for Admission cover sheet.  Letters of recommendation can also be uploaded and submitted through the online application system. Once the online application has been submitted, follow the prompts for the submission of recommendation letters.

International Students must also have, in addition to the above:

    • An Affidavit of Support must be included with the application or sent to the Department. Affidavit is also available from The Graduate School International Students page.

Additional information for international applicants may be found at the Graduate School website.


Arrange for all application materials to be received by the deadlines indicated below    

Domestic Students

The complete application packet must be received by the following deadlines: (dates apply every year)

  • For Fall Semester (semester starts August 16th) - May 16th
  • For Spring Semester (semester starts January 1st) - October 1st
  • For Summer Semester (semester starts May 16th) - February 16th
International Students

The complete application packet must be received by the following deadlines: (dates apply every year)

  • For Fall Semester (semester starts August 16th) - December 16th (previous year) 
  • For Spring Semester (semester starts January 1st) - March 1st (previous year) 
  • For Summer Semester (semester starts May 16th) - August 16th (previous year)


Once all documentation has been received, the application materials will be reviewed by the Department Graduate Committee. If the application is accepted by the committee, it will be made available to the faculty for the consideration of anyone in need of a graduate student with applicants' backgrounds. This process can take up to 6 weeks.

Faculty can be contacted directly to find out if he/she would be interested in accepting graduate students. Specific areas of research and faculty associated with those areas can be found in the research specialization of our website and in the faculty directory. If direct contact with a faculty member has been made, please indicate that in the personal statement. 

All documents that are to be sent directly to the Animal Science Department should be sent to:

Karla Macelli
Michigan State University
474 S. Shaw Lane, room 1290
Anthony Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

If you have further questions, please contact Karla Macelli,