Berrien County 4-H Leaders Association

The Berrien County 4-H Leaders Association, Inc. represents all 4-H Leaders, Volunteers and Teen Leaders throughout the program. The Association advocates and counsels the 4-H Program Coordinator for 4-H Youth Development and the Berrien County MSUE staff. 

The Berrien County 4-H Leaders Association's Board of Directors, is also known as the Berrien County 4-H Leaders Council. The Leaders Council is made up of eleven adult 4-H leaders and three teen leaders that are elected by their peers to serve either a three or a two year term. Youth who are serve in a Teen Leadership position on the Council must be at least 13 years of age. 

The Council meets the fourth Monday of each month throughout the year. Meetings are held at the MSU Extension Office on Hillandale in Benton Harbor, MI. In addition to monthly meetings, Council members must chair various committees that provide events throughout Berrien County 4-H that include: Promotional activities, annual leaders meeting, scholarship selection, 4-H Spring Achievement, Recognition, countywide projects, and the holiday bash.

Current Directors and Roles: 

Directors and Teen Directors are elected each year in the fall. Teen Directors serve a term of two-year, while Adult Leaders serve a three-year term. Directors currently serving on the Board include: 

Name Club Term 
Tracie Baker Baroda Bunnies 4-H Club 2022 - 2024
Shelley Zeiger River Valley Wranglers 4-H Club  2022 - 2024
Amanda Pullins Backyard Renegades 4-H Club  2022 - 2024
Bobbi Lawson Galien Chanters 4-H Club  2020 - 2022
Darlene Mattson Straight Shooters 4-H Club & Best Friends 4-H Club 2020 - 2022
Paul Pirri  Baroda Bunnies 4-H Club  2022 - 2023
Daniel McKee Redbud Country Goat 4-H Club 2020 - 2022
Elaine McKee Redbud Country Goat 4-H Club  2020 - 2022
Laila Roman Redbud Country Goat 4-H Club  2021-2022
Chelsey Sobralski Baroda Bunnies 4-H Club  2022 - 2024
Deanna Sobralski Baroda Bunnies 4-H Club  2022 - 2024
Schyler Pellett  Baroda Bunnies 4-H Club  2022 - 2024
Current Officers include: 

President - Tracie Baker

Vice President - Deanna Sobralski

Treasurer - Elaine McKee

Secretary - Amanda Pullins

 Foundation Representative - Shelley Zeiger


Annual Leaders Association Meeting 

 This is the one meeting of the Berrien County 4-H Leaders Council each year that is open to all adult and teen 4-H Leaders. The meeting is highly encouraged for youth and adults to attend to see the Leaders Council in action and be updated on the local Berrien County 4-H Youth program. Each club is asked to send at least one representative to the meeting in order to stay informed and up to date. 

Past Minutes & Agendas 

  • 2022 Annual Meeting - COMING SOON 
  • 2021 Annual Meeting - COMING SOON 
  • 2020 Annual Meeting - Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2019 Annual Meeting - Minutes
  • 2018 Annual Meeting - Minutes 
  • 2017 Annual Meeting - Minutes 
  • 2016 Annual Meeting - Minutes 
  • 2015 Annual Meeting - Minutes

Next Annual Leaders Association Meeting

  • Date: Monday, May 23, 2022
  • Time: 7:00 p.m. 
  • Location: Berrien County Youth Fair - Youth Memorial Building 
  • Meeting Resources
    • 2022 Agenda - COMING SOON 
    • 2022 Youth Program Budget - COMING SOON
    • Register online at through your 4-H Online 2.0 Family profile in the "Events" tab. 4-H Online 2.0 can be accessed online at: 


Annual Elections

Interested in becoming a Director or Teen Director on the Berrien County 4-H Leaders Council, feel free to submit a short, less than 100 word biography on yourself to the Berrien County MSU Extension office. Biographies will be included in the annual ballot mailing. Nomination submission must be active, approved 4-H Leaders to be eligible. Teen-members must be at least 13 years of age to run. 

Nominations are due by September 15 of each year to be placed on the ballot.

For questions, contact the Berrien County MSU Extension Office at 269-927-5674.  



Current Bylaws - Updated 2015