Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) is a large multi-crop research institute conducting research on a large number of crops, such as cereals, tuber, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers, etc. Besides variety development, BARI also carries out research on non-commodity areas, such as soil and crop management, disease and insect management, irrigation and water management, development of farm machinery, improvement of cropping and farming system management, post-harvest, handling and processing, and socio-economics studies related to production, marketing and consumption.

BARI logo.The institute functions through three major wings, Research Wing, Support Service Wing, and Training and Communication Wing. The Research Wing executes and monitors all the research programs through 7 special crop research centers, 14 research divisions, 6 regional research stations and 28 sub-stations. The Support Service Wing provides all the logistic support in research management as well as personnel management. BARI was founded in 1978.