• Strawberries

    East Michigan fruit update – Aug. 25, 2020

    Published on August 25, 2020

    Brown marmorated stink bug feeding damage in apples is more common this week. Peach and blueberry harvest are nearing an end. Summer apple, blackberry and fall red raspberry harvest continues.

  • A poorly sprayed tart cherry orchard which is defoliated on the left as compared to a well protect tart cherry orchard on the right, which still has most of it leaves. Photos by Mark Longstroth, MSU Extension.

    Southwest Michigan fruit update – Aug. 11, 2020

    Published on August 11, 2020

    A derecho blew across the region leaving damage in its wake. Relatively minor damage to fruit plantings. Some fruit, trees and limbs down in orchards and blueberry fields, and some broken trellis posts in grape vineyards.

  • Aerial application

    West central Michigan small fruit update – Aug. 4, 2020

    Published on August 4, 2020

    Managing spotted wing Drosophila in blueberries and raspberries is critical during harvest. Lower daily temperatures are an opportunity for using a wider range of insecticide products recommended for control. Currently, pyrethroids are very effect.