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Ways to be involved

There are multiple ways Bailey students can become involved in the community.  Please check the EVENTS tab for a calendar of activities for Fall 2019.


Engage in YOUR Community!

Bailey Community Council (BCC)

Bailey Community Council (BCC) works collaboratively with the Senior and Student Directors to make decisions involving programming and governance. This semester, the meetings are once a month at 6:00 p.m.  Contact Student Director Dacia Munteanu with any questions.

BCC Meeting Dates: TBD

Bailey Recruitment and Engagement Committee (BREC)

Bailey Recruitment and Engagement Council (BREC) recruits new scholars into Bailey while planning and executing events to welcome them into the community.  

Bailey Service Organization (BSO)

Bailey Service Organization (BSO) is dedicated to finding and crafting service opportunities that build community – not just the Bailey community, but the larger communities Bailey is connected with (MSU, East Lansing, etc.). BSO IS OPEN TO NON-BAILEY SCHOLARS!  Contact Holly Pummell with any questions.

Community Lunches

Food plays an important role within the Bailey community, allowing scholars to enjoy each other’s company while engaging in meaningful dialogue.  There will be frequent meals throughout the semester where we welcome guest speakers or gather to discuss community issues.  For more information, or to host a Community Lunch, contact Noelle Tucker.


If you have an idea about a new way to engage with the community, please contact one of the above student leaders.


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