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Service Hours

Don't forget to report your hours! BSP students are required to have 4 hours of service for each semester they are enrolled in any core course (ANR 210, ANR 310, ANR 410). These hours can consist of the following:

  • Minimum of 3 "Bailey" hours
  • Service hours obtained outside of the Bailey community (no minimum)

A "Bailey Hour" is defined as attendance at any Bailey event. This could be attending a service or engagement event, a Bailey Community Council, or any other event stated to award hours to students as per the Bailey Daily Weekly (email chain).

If you have any questions about service hours, please contact your student leaders or Dustin. All e-mails can be found on the Staff & Faculty Fellows Page!

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Student Shared Photo Drive

We want to see your pictures! BSP Students, please use the link below to upload any photos you have taken at BSP events during the 2023-2024 school year.

Student Photo Drive

Note: users must be logged into an associated email in order to access the drive. 


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How To: Create Your Senior Share

FAQs about creating your senior share.


How To: Declare Middle 9s

FAQs about choosing and reporting on your middle 9s.


How To: Sign-up For an Honors Option

FAQs about how to receive Honors credit for an ANR class.