Crop and Soil Sciences

Environmental Biology/Microbiology

Environmental Biology/Plant Biology

Environmental Geosciences


Plant Biology


Undergraduate courses

    ENE 487 Microbiology for Environmental Science and Engineering
    IBIO 355 Ecology
    IBIO 355L Ecology Laboratory (W)
    GLG 435 Geomicrobiology
    MMG 301 Introductory Microbiology
    MMG 421 Prokaryotic Cell Physiology
    MMG 425 Microbial Ecology
    MMG 433 Microbial Genomics
    MMG 434 Laboratory in Genomics and Molecular Genetics (W)
    MMG 445 Microbial Biotechnology (W)
    PLB 355 Ecology
    PLB 355L Ecology Laboratory (W)
    PLB 400 Introduction to Bioinformatics
    PLB 402 Biology of Fungi
    PLB 440 Field Ecology and Evolution

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Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)

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