Dare to Serve Challenge

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Counties with completed Service Projects as of 9.16.2021

2021 IMPACT of Statewide Initiative

The DARE TO SERVE CHALLENGE had a huge impact in communities around the state.  The estimated number of people impacted was 22,535 BUT most projects didn’t list a number of people but instead listed items such as, whole community, everyone who visited the fairgrounds, whole school districts, unknown, animals, everyone using campground, hospital employees etc.  Projects varied but some examples were: pop can collection, buying food, donating to hungry families, book collections, building fairy book boxes, cleaning up trash in parks and along roads and/or playgrounds, placing American flags in a cemetery, making thank you cards to butterflies of hope.  Many clubs helped to prepare local fairground for county fairs.  Others were more personal by supporting local teen with health challenges.  There were 35 individual and 55 club projects submitted by August 31. 


Every day, 4-H’ers are rolling up their sleeves in service as they lead positive change that empowers their peers and their communities. 4-H is launching the annual Dare To Serve initiative to unite 4-H members across the country in making a collective positive impact in their communities. All 4-H’ers are encouraged to venture out into their community to lend a helping hand in a way that is meaningful to them: neighborhood clean-ups, beautification projects, food and donation drives and much more!

If you are not a registered 4-Her yet, PLEASE join by registering on MI 4-H Online or contact your local county MSU Extension officeBeing a member of the 4-H community is FREE!

Learning to Give has the tools you need to educate, equip, and empower today’s youth for a better world.  Learning To Give is a great resource for simple safe service guides.  Find a project that fits your desire to serve whether it is environmental service, helping a neighbor or taking civic action, there is a guide for you.   

This year, members of the Dare To Serve Committee are issuing a special DARE to their fellow Michigan 4-H members, as well as volunteers, alumni and staff. They have created the Michigan 4-H Dare to Serve Challenge which has the goal of inspiring everyone in Michigan 4-H to do at least one thing to serve their community during the summer of 2021. May is our kick off month and prizes will be given to five individual projects and five club projects.  Their goal: have at least one 4-H led community service project completed in each of Michigan’s 83 counties during the summer of 2021! Imagine how big of an impact we can have if each of us chooses to lend our hands to larger service this summer!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join with others, or work on your own, to plan a service project in your community that you think will make a positive difference.
  2. Register your project and add it to the map showing all the community service projects taking place in Michigan. This will encourage others to find or provide a service opportunity so they can take part ,too!
  3. When you complete your service project, share it on social media and tag a Michigan 4-H friend to whom you want to issue the Michigan 4-H Dare to Serve Challenge! Use the hashtags #MI4H #DareToServeChallenge and #TrueLeaders to connect with others who are making a difference.
  4. Make sure you all follow Michigan 4-H safety policies at this time - Approved Activities 

If someone is issued the Dare to Serve challenge, but chooses not to complete a community service activity, they can choose to offer their support instead by making a donation to Michigan 4-H through the Michigan 4-H Foundation.


You get to decide what project you will do during the Dare To Serve initiative! Visit the Michigan 4-H website to find resources that can help you plan your very own community service project or contact your local 4-H staff for help in identifying service project ideas and opportunities in your community. If you are considering a virtual service project check out this article on virtual community service projects.  Big or small (or somewhere in-between!) every single 4-H community service activity during the month of May will make a positive difference all across the state!



  • Hillsdale County – Wild Mustangs member Gabby– cards to nursing homes – she enjoyed making the cards
  • Hillsdale County but service in Jackson County – Bow Wow Brigade member Victoria – thank you cards to health care workers – This was a great idea!
  • Bay County – Bay County 4-H STEAM - Russ Mawby Signature Service Project - Book drive to collect books for the Bay County 4-H Book Nooks and other free little libraries in Bay County
  • Schoolcraft County – Tips of the Lake Shooting Sports member Micah – church clean up
  • Schoolcraft County – Tips of the Lake Shooting Sports member Leslie – baseball book keeper – She learned a new skill while supporting her brothers baseball team and giving up socializing with her friends. 


  • St. Clair County – St. Clair County 4-H Council – 4-H Council Virtual Auction – Raised money for two organizations – Kids in Distress and Midcity Nutrition Food Bank.  Each organization received just over $800.  Items sold were donated by 4-H clubs and families.
  • Wayne County – DIA 4-H Club submitted by Holly – Outreach to First Responders and Fire Fighters – sending gratitude and thanks to EMS and Fire Fighters in our community.
  • Lake County – Furry Friends 4-H SPIN Club submitted by Laurie– furry friends pet toys – each member of the club receives a kit with instructions and supplies to create a pet toy which is donated to Lake County Animal Control. 
  • Calhoun County – Calhoun County 4-H Council submitted by Kathy - Little Free Libraries – Council is building and installing Little Free Libraries in various parts of the county.  They will all have 4-H recognition on the outside and feature a living roof. 
  • Berrien County – Backyard Renegades 4-H club submitted by Kelly – serving both Berrien and Van Buren Counties (county challenge) – Caps for Benches Community Service – encouraging 4-H families to become environmental stewards by collecting recyclable plastic materials that will be melted down into benches, tables, garden planters etc. Which will be donated back to the community.  Goal 200 pounds.


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