Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Packaging


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Packaging

This comprehensive course has been meticulously crafted for packaging professionals who seek to enhance their expertise in the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It aims to equip attendees with a fundamental understanding of the key concepts, tools, and techniques associated with these advanced technologies.

The course is delivered through a self-paced asynchronous online learning environment, which offers maximum flexibility and convenience to the attendees. The course content comprises a series of engaging and informative lectures and lab exercises, which are all accessible via the course platform.

As part of the course, attendees will be required to complete labs that correspond to the lectures and workshops provided. These labs will be submitted through the D2L system, which allows for efficient and effective feedback from the instructor.

To facilitate the lab exercises, attendees will be provided with open-source ML software, which is based on pre-built modules. The software is user-friendly and does not require any coding experience, ensuring that attendees of all levels can participate in the lab exercises with ease.

Furthermore, to enhance the learning experience, live office hours will be scheduled as necessary, enabling attendees to interact with the instructor and fellow participants and receive further support and guidance.

Overall, this course provides an exceptional opportunity for packaging professionals to gain a solid foundation in AI and ML, which will enable them to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of their industry and remain at the forefront of innovation and development.

Key Learning Outcomes from this course

  • A capacity to synthesize knowledge and develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of AI and ML, and the ability to integrate this knowledge into their work as packaging professionals.
  • An understanding of the underlying principles of various AI and ML methods, allowing participants to select and apply appropriate methods for addressing packaging industry challenges.
  • Proficiency in conducting ML modeling using open-source software, enabling participants to utilize these tools to address real-world packaging problems.
  • The ability to evaluate the advantages and challenges of implementing AI in the packaging industry, helping participants to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls associated with these advanced technologies.
  • The capability to apply AI and ML models to address current packaging issues, allowing participants to develop and implement innovative solutions to challenges in their professional practice.

Course Modules

  • Unit 1 AI overview: concept of AI & ML, AI roles & applications in packaging
  • Unit 2 ML introduction: different types of ML methods, ML algorithms.
  • Unit 3 ML algorithms: KNN, Decision Tree, Random Forest
  • Unit 4 Deep Learning: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), ANN applications including packaging
  • Unit 5 Python basic: programming basics, variables, expressions, scripts and functions
  • Unit 6 Natural Language Process (NLP): NLP process, Sentiment Analysis and NLP application in Packaging
  • Unit 7 ML for Image Analytics: Image sorting using unsupervised method, teachable machine.

Cost is: $995.00 per person

Who should attend this course

  • Packaging professionals who are interested in new AI and ML fields.
  • Companies packaging R&D team members/leaders/managers.