Packaging Materials Sustainability and Recycling:


Packaging Sustainability and Path-Forward for Packaging Industry,

March 2 - 22, 2022

The course is self-paced using the MSU online platform D2L. There will also be two live sessions with Dr. Rabnawaz to answer questions from the attendees. These interactive sessions will be recorded and shared with registered attendees. These interactive sessions will be at 1 pm (EST) on both March 8 and 18.  The course will open on March 2 at 8 am ET.  Students will find their educational materials and directions to begin the course and to prepare for the interactive sessions.   The material will include video lectures, lectures notes, and other supplemental materials for deepening knowledge.  Attendees will need to watch videos and read notes provided to prepare them for the interactive sessions.  A certificate of completion will be mailed to each participant.

Key Learning outcomes from this course:

  • Understand packaging materials (plastic, wood, paper, glass, metals) sustainability issues, regulations, and potential solutions
  • Learn how to stabilize different packaging materials for the safe delivery and use of the packaged product
  • Make data-driven choices when it comes to packaging sustainability
  • Understand advances in plastic recycling and leverage them in the decision-making process for your company to meet the upcoming recycling regulations
  • Enhance your company profitability by taking the packaging sustainability laws as an opportunity to do better than the competitors

Course Modules:

Plastics: Appropriate plastic selection; stability of the plastic during use; chemical and mechanical recycling; understanding upcoming regulations; trends in packaging with plastics, the future of multilayers, and so on.

Paper/paperboard and Wood: Degradation and stability of the wood and paper/paper during use as packaging material; recycling of wood/paper products; EPR related to paper, paperboard, and wood products

Glass: Factors affecting the stability of glass as packaging materials; how to improve the strength of glass as packaging material, glass recycling

Metals: Factors affecting the stability of metals as packaging materials; how to improve product stability in metallic cans/containers, metals recycling

Packaging materials end of life:  Packaging waste issues; Legal, regulatory, and green design

Who should attend this course:                                              

  • Companies’ sustainability team/leader/manager
  • Companies’ materials R&D team/leader/manager

Workshop format:

Asynchronous (self-directed) learning from March 2 - 22, with two live interactive sessions via Zoom (Virtual) on March 8 and 18, 2022.