Packaging Materials Sustainability and Recycling:


Packaging Sustainability and Path-Forward for Packaging Industry December 1 and December 10, 2021

Key Learning outcomes from this course:

  • Understand packaging materials (plastic, wood, paper, glass, metals) sustainability issues, regulations, and potential solutions
  • Learn how to stabilize different packaging materials for the safe delivery and use of the packaged product
  • Make data-driven choices when it comes to packaging sustainability
  • Understand advances in plastic recycling and leverage them in the decision-making process for your company to meet the upcoming recycling regulations
  • Enhance your company profitability by taking the packaging sustainability laws as an opportunity to do better than the competitors

Course Modules:

Plastics: Appropriate plastic selection; stability of the plastic during use; chemical and mechanical recycling; understanding upcoming regulations; trends in packaging with plastics, the future of multilayers, and so on.

Paper/paperboard and Wood: Degradation and stability of the wood and paper/paper during use as packaging material; recycling of wood/paper products; EPR related to paper, paperboard, and wood products

Glass: Factors affecting the stability of glass as packaging materials; how to improve the strength of glass as packaging material, glass recycling

Metals: Factors affecting the stability of metals as packaging materials; how to improve product stability in metallic cans/containers, metals recycling

Packaging materials end of life:  Packaging waste issues; Legal, regulatory, and green design

Who should attend this course:                                              

  • Companies’ sustainability team/leader/manager
  • Companies’ materials R&D team/leader/manager

Workshop format:

Zoom (Virtual), Fall 2021

2-Day workshop held on Monday December 1 and Friday December 10, 2021 via ZOOM.