The Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University (CRIS) is one of the few organizations in the world willing to tackle the hard questions about ingredient safety in our everyday products.

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  • GRAS – What are GRAS ingredients?

    Published on June 10, 2019

    In this post, we'll discuss one legislative element that works to safeguard our foods: Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients.

  • Risk – Using risk to make informed decisions

    Published on June 3, 2019

    In this post, we'll explore the role risk assessments, the precautionary principle, and how these concepts influence ingredient safety rules and regulations

  • Risk – What is risk?

    Published on May 28, 2019

    In this post, we'll explore the differences between hazard, exposure, and risk so you can make better, informed decisions around ingredient safety.

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  • Nov 14

    Science Day 2019

    November 14, 2019 8:00AM - 4:30PM

    Hear from leading experts on the current and cutting edge science and technologies that are shaping the food ingredient scene.

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