The Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University (CRIS) is one of the few organizations in the world willing to tackle the hard questions about ingredient safety in our everyday products.

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  • Trending – Laundry Detergent Enzymes

    Published on September 26, 2022
    Ever wonder what makes laundry detergent so effective? In this post, we explore a common ingredient that helps boost detergent performance, enzymes.

  • Trending – Anti-nutrients

    Published on September 19, 2022
    We all know a balanced diet filled with many different fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins helps us maintain good health. But, some sources believe the anti-nutrients found in many of these whole foods could potentially cause us harm.

  • What's the Risk? – Titanium Dioxide

    Published on September 12, 2022
    You've read the headlines in the media, now we take a look at the risk of using and consuming Titanium Dioxide.

  • How To Series – Interpret A Study

    Published on August 30, 2022
    In our last post, we covered the background needed to interpret a study. In this post, we dig deeper.

  • How to Series – Interpret a study: background

    Published on August 23, 2022
    We see and hear information in the news, on social media, and from friends and family. Frequently, people will mention research or a study to validate a fact or prove a point. In this two-part series, we explore how to interpret a study.

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