The Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University (CRIS) is one of the few organizations in the world willing to tackle the hard questions about ingredient safety in our everyday products.

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  • GRASE – What are GRASE ingredients?

    Published on September 25, 2023
    In this post, we'll look at Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective (GRASE) ingredients.

  • New evidence, new outlook: phenylephrine

    Published on September 18, 2023
    The ingredient phenylephrine found in over-the-counter decongestant medications isn’t as effective as previously thought. In this post, we examine the new evidence for this popular ingredient.

  • Trending – Melatonin

    Published on August 21, 2023
    Melatonin is a popular supplement in many products, from gummies to tea to tinctures. But is this ingredient safe? In this post, we look at melatonin.

  • Trending – Food Contamination

    Published on August 7, 2023
    A new, trending food-focused documentary ( brought up many concerns about food contamination. In this post, we look at food safety and contamination.

  • Trending – Borax

    Published on July 31, 2023
    A recent trend ( has taken over the Internet, and we've seen folks choose to drink borax. In this post, we look at the safety of borax and borax consumption.

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