The Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Lipids Nutrition Program is housed with the MSU Department of Animal Science. Its researchers conduct research and outreach on how dairy cows digest and metabolize fatty acids and the implications that consuming milk fat have on human health.

Research related to dairy animal nutrition focuses primarily on inputs - how feedstuffs consumed by the dairy cow contribute to her individual health and well-being and affect her ability to maximize her production potential. Human health-related research is directed at how nutritional elements derived from consuming dairy products contributes to personal health and well-being. Integrating a range of disciplines and degrees of expertise allows researchers within the MSU Dairy Lipids Nutrition Program to generate significant discoveries meant to advance the lives and livelihoods of the world.

The MSU Dairy Lipids Nutrition Program has received funding to conduct its work in both of these program areas from dairy and related industry organizations and federal competitive grant programs.

  1. The dairy industry, including producers, veterinarians, researchers and Extension specialists from MSU and other universities and programs, the feed industry, bovine nutritionists and the pharmaceutical industry
  2. The consuming public, including demographic groups such as parents, human nutritionists and dietitians, dairy food processors, health professionals and retailers; and
  3. Educators and students.