A collection of programs, helpful news articles and external resources to support individuals, families and communities faced with difficult conversations on sensitive issues.

Everyday, individuals, families and communities are faced with stressful and often tragic situations. Sometimes these upsetting events occur in our own homes or communities, and other times they happen elsewhere but become a part of our reality through news and media coverage. Whether it is the death of a loved one, an act of violence, a natural disaster or another situation that causes grief, fear, uncertainty or confusion, it can be hard for individuals, parents, caregivers and community members to know where to turn for support or how to handle these difficult conversations in our everyday lives.

To support people in these situations, Michigan State University Extension has aggregated a series of helpful news articles, programs and resources. You will also find a list of outside resources and organizations that can provide support to individuals, families and communities faced with a variety of difficult conversations and situations.