DEI Badge Project

The DEI Badge Project aims to highlight all efforts regarding DEI for each CANR department, school and unit in various outlets in the college and outreach.

The goal of the DEI Badge Project is to help us collectively recognize, acknowledge and be inspired by the amazing work each of us contributes to as a way to build lasting diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEI Badge Process

In 2020, the CANR Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requested that CANR and MSU Extension departments and units submit their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts from the previous academic year (2019-2020) as part of the DEI Badge Project.CANR_DEI_badge-2019-20-3X2

The criteria taken in consideration with the following outcomes of success established by the DEI Strategic Plan put forth by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee included:

  • Culture and climate.
  • Leadership.
  • Recruiting, hiring and retention.
  • Employee training and professional development.
  • Teaching, outreach, research and service.

DEI efforts were recognized and grouped into three categories: Platinum, Gold and Green with Platinum being the highest level. (See more on examples of DEI efforts connected with related badge categories.)

Departments and units were honored in May 2021 for their 2019-2021 DEI initiatives and activities.

DEI Badge Recognition

Annually, a selected CANR Review Committee will evaluate each unit, school or department based on their efforts in all of the collective areas. The composite will recognize the efforts of each unit and they will be recognized each spring for DEI activities during the previous academic year.

The unit, department and school along with their respective faculty and staff will be able to celebrate their accomplishments by using the digital badges on their email signatures and on their respective websites, most likely in the About and DEI sections.

Digital badges are only valid for the upcoming year. The evaluation criteria will be updated annually to reflect CANR’s DEI Strategic Plan and DEI Statement.