Invoices are sent from the National Office each year. Invoices were sent out on October 1st, 2019. This invoice will cover your dues for the 2020 year. The final deadline for paying your dues without losing your active membership status is January 31, 2020. 


Members can check their membership status and payment history in their online account by logging into the ESP site: espnational.org and selecting their name in the upper right hand corner. 

If you did not receive a membership dues invoice, check your membership status as listed in the ESP Online Directory: ESP Membership Directory. If your status is Annual, State Managed, or New, you are currently in good standing with ESP.  If your status is Expired then you did not receive an invoice this year. You should call or email the National Office to reactivate your membership and get a 2020 membership invoice: ESP National Office Contact Information.

New Members

New members can join by completing the New Member application on the ESP website: New ESP Membership Form and providing a complete profile. 

Life Members

If you are retiring and you would like to convert to Life Membership, just email or call the National Office and we will send you a Life Member invoice: ESP National Office Contact Information.

Expired Members

Expired Members with Dues Pending Status must email the National Office at espoffice@espnational.org to request an invoice.  Expired Members cannot pay online until after they email the National Office. The National Office does not automatically send invoices to Expired Members. An expired member can reinstate their membership by only paying their 2020 dues. However, they would not be eligible for awards until they have paid their dues for two consecutive years.


Any member with an issue should contact the National Office directly at espoffice@espnational.org.