2024 Agroforestry Symposium: Silvopasture in Practice

January 17, 2024 11:00AM - 6:00PM

605 Elm Street Columbia, MO 65201 or Online

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The 2024 Agroforestry Symposium, Silvopasture in Practice, will explore how silvopasture practices have emerged as some of the most critical agroforestry tools for carbon sequestration and farm system integration. As funding and technical assistance for silvopasture establishment becomes more readily available within new and existing incentive programs, we understand the need to convey the complexity of these integrated systems, the challenges producers face, and stories of success. In addition to sharing farm-level insights, this year’s Symposium will bring together the country’s leading scientists and practitioners exploring silvopasture’s potential, to identify a roadmap for future research needs, to solidify connections, and to spark new collaborations. 

Join us in-person in Columbia, MO or virtually from anywhere for a full day of presentations, panels, and discussions on long-term silvopasture research, early adopters and innovators, intergenerational land management approaches, regional insights and challenges, and the environmental, economic and social impacts of silvopasture as a land mangement strategy.



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