Adulting 101 Sept-Nov 2023

September 18, 2023 - November 8, 2023 Different sessions offered monthly

Registration Deadline: November 8, 2023 - 01:00PM


Contact: Katherine Jamieson

Adulting 101 Fall 2023  with pictures of young people connecting,  person influencing others, group of professionals with hands in the middle, and two big bags of cash. MSU Extension Logo and 4-H Grows here logo also included. QR code to adulting 101 web page is in bottom left

Are you ready to leave for college or be out on your own? Are you prepared to do adult tasks and have skills to be successful? Michigan State University Extension's Adulting 101 programs help teenagers and young adults demystify the obscure reality of being an “adult” through engaging educational sessions. Each FREE session is packed full of important life skills and tools necessary to live independently.

Join us Monthly

Your Words Can Make a Difference: How to use Your Voice for Positive Community Change - Monday, September 18 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time


  • Young people can change the world unlike any other group.  They have innovative ideas and aren’t mired in cynicism like so many adults.  This session will provide some skills and practice on how to influence people in power to make change in your community and world.

Wealth Building - Wednesday, October 18 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time

  • Looking for strategies to build wealth? This workshop will provide tips, tools & goal setting strategies. Learn about different types of savings and investment products.  Evaluate your risk tolerance and explore investment timelines.

Workplace Professionalism-Wednesday, November 8 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time

  • What is professionalism and why is it important in the workplace? Increase your awareness of what it means to be professional and gain tips on different aspects of the work environment to consider including:  shared workspace, relationships with coworkers, communicating and setting boundaries.

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