Food Laws and Regulations in China

Course Code: FSC 815

Credits: 3 credits

This is a newly designed course with an emphasis on the most up-to-date rules and regulations. Course instruction is completely online with lectures, reading assignments, discussions, and practical activities. Various China food law experts contribute to the course and are available to answer questions on topics presented. The course syllabus is subject to change each semester but general will cover the following topics:

  • China's diversity, food regulation culture, and current issues
  • Goals of food regulation
  • Organization of government and the lawmaking process
  • Risk assessment
  • Food processing requirements
  • food labeling and advertising
  • Permitted claims and special food category legislation
  • food additives, pesticides, genetically modified food and organic food
  • Food fraud in China
  • Cross-border and e-commerce
  • Import/export law and tariffs
  • Food product liability to consumers

This course is offered in the summer semester. 

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