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Kris DeAngelo

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Academic Specialist
Institute for Food Laws and Regulations


Kris DeAngelo is a lead instructor for the Institute for Food Laws and Regulations, and a private practice attorney with 20 years of experience.  Ms. DeAngelo teaches Wine, Beer, and Spirits Laws and Regulations, Food Laws and Regulations in China, Food Laws and Regulations in Latin America, and Global Food Laws and Regulations Food Contact Substances/Packaging.  She also assists in the Regulatory Leadership, Food Laws and Regulations in the US, International Food Laws and Regulations, and the Codex Alimentarius courses.  She represents IFLR by speaking at various international food law forums.

Ms. DeAngelo holds an LLM in Global Food Law from Michigan State University.  She also earned a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Michigan State University, a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology from the University of Michigan, and a law degree, magna cum laude, from Michigan State University.  She has also earned the IFLR certificate in International Food Law.

As a former community college anatomy and physiology professor and national board certified high school science teacher, Ms. DeAngelo is passionate about teaching and helping students learn and apply science and law to their professional lives.