When planning a conference or meeting, having relevant and engaging speakers can increase your registration and enhance attendee engagement. A great speaker can also draw sponsors. Once the speaker has been chosen and the agenda drafted, create a session that will showcase their area of expertise. 

MSU Travel offers documents on travel policies, latest travel news, contracted travel vendors, sample forms, and links to outside sources of travel information. Remember, any speakers (regardless of MSU affiliation) that is traveling on behalf of Michigan State University, whether paid or unpaid, is required to have an approved travel request in Concur. 

Speaker Contracts

Be clear with details of who will pay for speaker travel, lodging, and meals during the program; identify what is part of their contract or an expense in addition to the speaker fee. Know who will be providing equipment for the speaker presentation. If speakers have a contract, make sure it doesn't conflict with MSU Policies. Be sure to send the contract through for review and signature if an authorized MSU signature is needed. Contracts can be submitted through the Contract Submission Link.

Speaker Travel

Anyone traveling on behalf of MSU needs a pre-approved travel request in Concur, including paid and unpaid speakers. Work with your Fiscal Officer to set up guest profiles in Concur for non-MSU speakers; MSU speakers will need to process their own event travel through their Concur profile. See the Travel Policies and Procedures in the MSU Manual of Business Procedures for more information.

Helpful Links

Tips about securing speakers, speaker payments, and travel.