Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure

Annual Schedule for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion

Department-School Level

  •  RTP discussion with chair and department/school review committees                               Spring-Summer
  •  Organizing RTP dossiers                                                                                                     Summer-early Fall
  •  Solicitation of external reviews (only for second reappt and prof reviews)                          Summer-early Fall
  •  Department/School level review of RTP candidates                                                            Middle-late Fall
  •  Submission of RTP dossiers to College                                                                                                                1st Friday in December

College Level

  •  CANR RTP Committee reviews                                                                                            Very early January
  •  College level Dean and Directors reviews                                                                            Late Jan-early Feb
  •  Initial feedback to candidates re status from chairs/directors to candidates                         Early/mid Feb
  •  Revision to dossiers, if needed, with resubmission to College                                             Mid/late Feb
  •  Submission of dossiers, including Dean’s recommendation, to University Committee         Late Feb

University Level

  •  Dean’s meeting with University Committee to review dossiers                                            March-April
  •  Preliminary decision from Univ. review communicated to candidates by
     chairs/directors                                                                                                                      March-April
  •  Review of Univ. level decisions by provost, then, president                                                  April-mid May
  •  Final decision communicated to candidates by chairs/directors                                            Late May-early June
  •  Tenure actions taken by MSU Board of Directors                                                                  June Board Meeting