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​​​​​​​(517) 432-6200, email ithelp@msu.edu

Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development

  • Formerly the Academic Advancement Network
  • Works with all faculty, academic staff, and academic administrators as they join the university, establish professional trajectories, and move through various stages of review, promotion, and growth.


MSU and CANR course policies and procedures​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Awards for Teaching, Mentoring, etc.

Guidelines for Teaching Assignments

MSU tech for teaching

A-Z list of MSU Tools

Educational Technology Service Catalog

  • technology that supports teaching, learning

Where to learn more

Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty


  • technology training and other professional development

iteach: community for MSU educators

Enroll in ASPIRE.

  • The ASPIRE (Asynchronous Program for Instructional Readiness) workshop to develop an online self-paced

 2021 Blended Teaching Workshop

  • asynchronous and self-paced​​​​​​​

Kaltura Mediaspace

Adams Academy

  • This annual OFASD program brings together a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and academic staff for a year-long fellowship focused on advanced topics in teaching and learning. 

Lily Fellows

  • This program supports a cohort of up to six faculty or academic specialists at all ranks with at least five years of service. The goal is to develop academic leaders who will guide the University into the near future with regard to learning, teaching, and educational programming.

Classroom support

Hybrid classrooms

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom Technology

ANR Quality Online Instruction Teams site

CANR Common Syllabus Template

The syllabus template is broken into discrete sections, which can be rearranged, removed, or modified to best fit your course and teaching style.

Toolkit: Recognize and Understand Effective Teaching to Enhance Student Learning

​D2L resources

Desire2Learn (D2L) support and documentation

  • Self-Enroll courses to learn D2L, Spartan Ally, Tech Tools, etc.
    • log in. Select Self-Registration in the top menu

Course delivery support

Planning for temporary changes in course delivery

Emergency change of course delivery

remote teaching tips from iteach.msu.edu

Online content support

MSU Libraries electronic resources collection.

Find your Subject Librarian

Stable links for online library resources