Artificial Intelligence

We are living in an exciting time when artificial intelligence can help us create new things, such as text, images, music, or code, from existing data and models. This is called generative AI, and it has many possibilities for improving our education. We can use it to enhance our learning, spark our creativity, and try new ways of teaching and testing. But we also need to be careful about some of the challenges and risks that generative AI brings, such as copying, unfairness, quality, and responsibility. That’s why we need to stay updated on the University’s policies and rules on this topic. On this page, we attempt to share the most critical information you need as an instructor or curriculum administrator. This paragraph was generated using the Bing Chat AI-powered assistant.

From MSU

Michigan State University Charge to Academic Programs on Generative
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Instructional Settings

Instructional Guide for AI from the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI)

Interim Guidance on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Research and Creative Activities from the MSU Office of Research and Innovation

Accessibility Challenges for using ChatGpt

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reminders and Guidance for Students-September 26, 2023

Interim Guidance on Data Uses and Risks of Generative AI

Guidelines for Use of Generative AI in Marketing and Communications

ChatGPT FAQ for MSU Educators

Academic Integrity Resources

Generative AI resources and events from the Enhanced Learning Initiative (EDLI)

An playlist of important policies and other considerations on the use of AI at MSU

An playlist: generative AI syllabus guide

A self-enroll course on d2l for learning how to use AI as an educator

AI Club for MSU students

ChatGPT is a 'Tier 1' software at MSU. What you need to know about purchasing.

From other sources

A teaching guide from OpenAI (home of ChatGPT)

Sample syllabi policies for AI tools gathered from around the world

Free Courses about AI

Learn Prompting's  Introductory Course on Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

DeepLearning AI's Generative AI for Everyone — Get an overview of AI tools, and learn from real-world examples of generative AI in use today.

Google's Introduction to Generative AI — Aimed at explaining what Generative AI is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods.

Rundown AI's Advanced ChatGPT course — It includes 1000+ best ChatGPT prompts, 100+ AI tools, and 25+ AI tool tutorials. (link)