College Advisory Council

The College Advisory Council (CAC) functions as an open channel of communication between the College faculty, students and Dean. In addition, the CAC also deals with administrative matters such as appointing members to committees in the case of open seats in between elections, and nominating award packets for University wide awards. The CAC is composed of a representative from each degree certifying academic unit of the College. The CAC also has non-voting representatives from MSU Extension’s off campus staff, the College’s graduate and undergraduate student populations, the College’s associate and assistant deans, and the College’s support staff. For more information on the CAC please refer to the College Bylaws section 3.2. 


CAC 2019-20 Agendas

October 11 Agenda

November 8 Agenda

December 13 Agenda

January 10 Agenda

February 14 Agenda

March 13 Agenda

March 27 Agenda

CAC 2019-20 Meeting Minutes         

September 13 Meeting Notes         

October 11 Meeting Notes

November 8 Meeting Notes

December 13 Meeting Notes

January 10 Meeting Notes

February 14 Meeting Notes

March 13 Meeting Notes