One Day Livestock Jackpot and Pop-Up Shows

Throughout Michigan and the United States, one-day prospect shows, jackpots and other livestock exhibitions are a great way for youth to experience the agriculture industry while learning valuable skills. Show committees, organizers and other volunteers who host these events not only have the responsibility of putting on the shows, but also protecting the health of people and animals at the exhibition. This includes protecting them from the spread of zoonotic diseases, which are germs that spread between people and animals and include illnesses like some kinds of influenza. The following resources can help show organizers in their efforts to lower the risk of spreading zoonotic diseases at their event.

Biosecurity Recommendations

Biosecurity at Pig Shows from the National Pork Checkoff

Swine Influenza Tips

Swine Variant Influenza Toolkit from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Disinfection Instructions


  • Animal Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

    Published on July 17, 2017
    The following sign can be used to help visitors to animal barns and exhibits practice good hygiene and biosecurity by washing their hands after visiting.

  • SIGN - Stop: Please Wash Your Hands

    Published on August 11, 2016
    Remember to use good biosecurity practices when caring for animals. Maintaining good biosecurity practies includes washing your hands frequently.

  • SIGN - No Food or Drinks in the Barn

    Published on August 11, 2016
    Part of good biosecurity practices means keeping food and drinks out of the barn.

  • Farm Biosecurity Sign

    A sign for farmers and producers to post to notify visitors about the importance of biosecurity on their facility.

Protecting Animals and People: A Joint Project to Improve Zoonotic Disease Awareness and Prevention Among Michigan Youth Involved in Agriculture

Biosecurity Social Media Graphics