Michigan Farmland Preservation (P.A. 116)

As urban sprawl continues to manifest itself on much of our “greenspace” and of Michigan Farmland we begin to lose an important economic resource to many regions of the state and to the state as a whole. There are various state and national organizations that provide information and funding for Farmland Preservation as well as some local counties and communities. One of the most well known and widely used is the State of Michigan’s Program that was formerly referred to as Public Act (P.A.) 116. Another form of preservation is what is known as a Conservation Easement Donation that is also apart of a State of Michigan Program. The conservation easement may also offer some tax benefits dependent on the donators situation. Below you will find useful information and links for these programs.  

Also important to understand and know about is that certain changes to your land may initiate what is referred to as a “pop-up” tax. But there are methods to help mitigate this issue. Below you will find information and documents to help you with this.

Michigan Farmland Preservation Program (known as P.A. 116)

Conservation Easement Donation Program

Tax (Pop-Up Tax) Exempt Documents