The 1,745-acre MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center in Escanaba is leading a number of initiatives to broaden MSU's impact in the forestry and wildlife sectors

Established 1986

The 1,745-acre MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center in Escanaba is undergoing a transformation. It is beginning the process of partnership building with members of the forest industry, USFS, MI DNR, and others to broaden the research focus of the station, offer more insight and assistance with non-timber forest products, and reengage the local community. It is working to develop stronger links to campus faculty and act as a conduit for Applied Forestry research and outreach between local partners and campus. The station has a rich history in forest research having lead a number of initiatives to increase the sustainable use of wood in Michigan’s bioeconomy. This work focused on increasing yields, decreasing costs, reducing greenhouse gas and energy losses, retaining rural jobs, and improving supply chain efficiencies. Past research at the center also focused on forest genetics, silviculture and forested wetland management.

In February 2010, the Upper Peninsula Tree Improvement Center was renamed the MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center (FBIC) to emphasize the evolving focus of MSU AgBioResearch research activities and we are exploring station name options to reflect the changing focus once again.

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