Buying Firewood

AFPDA Consumer Resources This page by the American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association (AFPDA) has information that consumers need to know about AFPDA certified firewood, why they need to buy kiln dried and heat-treated firewood, and how they can determine the source of the firewood that they buy. The page also features a video series on how to start a fire in a fireplace.  pexels-photo-629138+firewood

Don't Move Firewood This page by Michigan DNR features firewood checklist that consumers should be aware of when buying firewood. It also explains and recommends to consumers why they should buy local, buy only certified heat-treated firewood and burn local. 

Buying Firewood Provides information about the time of the year consumers should start to buy firewood and what they should do before buying firewood.

About Buying Firewood Provides information that consumers need to know about selecting and buying firewood.

Tips for Buying Firewood Provides insights on what consumers need to keep in mind before buying firewood.

Firewood Buying Guidelines This page by the Ohio Department of Agriculture offers some basic tips to help when purchasing wood.

10 Essentials When buying, Storing Firewood Elucidates what to look for to avoid being swindled when buying firewood.

How To Buy Firewood Discuses few rules to live by to buy good firewood

A Guide to Buying Reasonably Priced Firewood Provides useful tips on how to make the right firewood purchase.

Buying & Storing Firewood & Pellets This extension bulletin provides tips that will help consumers avoid
getting a raw deal  whenever they buy firewood. It also contains information that consumers need to be aware of before buying and heating with pellets.

Buying, Storing and Using Firewood Safely in Your Home Discusses few things to consider before buying and burning firewood.

Tips on Buying Firewood for home use.

When Should You Buy Your Firewood? Provides useful insights about when is a good time to buy firewood.

Kiln Dried vs Heat Treated Firewood This brief but informative article by Leigh Greenwood explains what consumers need to know as the difference between kiln dried firewood and heat-treated firewood.

Why Kiln Dried Firewood is Worth the Extra Dollars This page explains kiln dried firewood, the benefits to consumers, and why it is worth paying extra dollars.