Business and Marketing

Building A Profitable Firewood Business This PowerPoint presentation by Burnwood Industries focuses on how to build a profitable firewood business. It touches on creating a realistic business plan, material sourcing, and provided marketing, sales and pricing tips.

Basics of Growing Profitability Firewood Operations Is a presentation on what producers need to know about establishing a profitable firewood business. 

Growing Profitability Firewood Operations This presentation by Harry Watt discusses forestry and wood products businesses, optimization for firewood and provide hints on how to make firewood products client-tailored. It also addresses marketing in metro regions, rural areas, domestic space heating and hot water loads firewood market.

Certified Firewood Marketing Plan For Certified Wood from Central Minnesota Presents a detailed analysis of how to create a successful market for certified firewood. The analysis covers target markets for certified firewood, market demographics, market needs, trends and growth and marketing strategies for certified firewood.

How to Sell Firewood Draws on personal experience to discuss different ways you can explore to create market for the sales of your firewood.

How to Sell Firewood Enumerates and elaborates on how to sell firewood online and offline.

15 Tips to Start a Business Selling Firewood by Next Weekend Suggests tips that will get your firewood sales business started on a secured foundation. 

Cutting and Selling Timber from Your Woodlot This Michigan State University extension publication by Dean Solomon, a District Extension Leader, outlines the guidelines that producers should follow when falling and selling timbers from their woodlots.

Harvesting and Selling Timber: A Field Guide for Woodland Owners This book presents and discusses a step-by-step guide on how to harvest and market timber, and run a sustainable firewood business. 

Producing and Selling Logs for Maximum Revenue Offers a step-by-step approach of what producers and woodland owners need to know to be able to max the revenue from their firewood business.

The Game Changing Firewood Marketing Model Discusses how to plan firewood marketing, firewood advertising, as well as traditional and online firewood marketing. It also offers thoughts on firewood packaging, pricing and margins and how to keep eyes on the numbers.

Start Planning Early: Things to Consider When Selling Trees from Your Property Highlights and elaborates on the factors that should be considered in order to have and manage a successful timber sales.

Forest Finance 8: To Cut or not Cut- Deciding When to Harvest Timber  discusses financial decisions to harvest timber, including how to determine and calculate when to cut timber to maximize financial returns.

Small-scale Harvesting for Woodland Owner  discusses the unique aspects of small-scale firewood harvesting, and offers some information that can help through the process. It also addresses how to select a log buyer, market timing and how a log value is determined.

Buyers of Firewood Is a presentation by Harry Watt on how to find customers for firewood products.

Stewardship Notes Indiana Division of Forestry- Timber Marketing This bulletin provides hints on profitable timber marketing.

Make Extra Money With Your Own Firewood Business Provides useful insights on how you can make money from selling firewood.

What You need to Know Selling Firewood in Wisconsin Outlines the labeling and quarantine requirements that could affect firewood wholesales or direct sales to consumers in Wisconsin. The information may be useful for firewood vendors in other states.

Firewood Sales Rules Presents rules in New York, which if not abided could result in the termination of your contract, loss of future purchases and legal action.