Firewood Production and Harvesting

Firewood Production Elaborates on firewood production cycle, from the reception of raw material, to the cutting and splitting of firewood, kiln drying and packing.

Producing Firewood from Your Woodlot - University of Illinois Extension This page discusses fire production from a woodlot, firewood and forest management and safety issues in firewood production.  

How to Fell or Cut down a Tree Using a Chainsaw This video discusses how ant to learn how to fell a tree with a chainsaw safely and efficiently.

Managing Your Woodlot for Firewood- Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Provides useful information how firewood can be produced from woodlots. 

Harvesting Firewood Provides useful tips on how to get started with firewood harvesting and offers a link to a video that is entitled, "Firewood from Small Private Woodlots". 

Acreage Living - Harvesting Firewood Provides useful insights on steps  to be followed for selecting, harvesting, and curing your wood.

Harvesting Firewood from Your Woods - Water Resources Education Discuses everything from tree and forest biology to firewood harvesting and processing, focusing on the techniques for splitting, drying and stacking wood.  

How to Choose Firewood Trees This information fact sheet addresses the question, which trees should be cut for firewood production, when is a good time to cut trees for firewood production and how to process firewood.

Cutting Firewood on State Forests Highlights some important things to remember when harvesting firewood.

Work Safely With a Chain Saw Providers the tips that producers and other stakeholders need to know on how to work safety with a chain saw, how to choose a chain saw. It also elucidates other equipment that are needed for firewood production.

Chainsaw Safety Awareness A two series video on how to use chainsaw safely and effectively to cut wood.

Chain Saws — Safety, Operation, Tree Felling Techniques This publication by Kansas Forest Service and Kansas State University addresses safety issues in firewood production and trees felling techniques. 

Firewood 101 Elaborates on wood-cutting safety, cross-cutting logs, splitting and stacking of wood. 

Efficient Fire-wood Harvesting Discuss how to quality firewood with low cash expenditure and without backbreaking work.