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Kiln Types and Features Discusses different types of kilns and their features.aid9165418-v4-728px-Kiln-Dry-Firewood-Step-3.jpg

Firewood Kiln This page explains firewood kiln, how they work and their benefits. 

Proper Firewood Kiln Design - This website provides advise on how to design an efficient firewood kiln. It offers a good review of a well and poorly designed firewood kilns and also features a page on the energy cost for drying firewood. 

Design and Operation of a Solar-Heated Dry Kiln This document by Brian Bond, of the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, describes the design and operation of a solar-heated dry kiln. 

Firewood Kilns and Heat Treatment Equipment This site by Nyle features pages on different lumber drying kilns, and firewood heat treatment equipment. 

Dry Kiln Operator's Manual  A useful resource for kiln operators and mill managers that provides a practical guide on kiln drying of lumber. Among others, it discusses kiln types and their features, dry kiln auxiliary equipment, inspection and maintenance of dry kilns and equipment, stacking and loading lumber for kiln drying, kiln samples, and operating a dry kiln.

Kiln Dry Lumber at Home This site uses texts and graphics to outline the process through which individuals can kiln dry their firewood at home. 

Treating Firewood This page that is hosted by the National Association of Invasive Plant Councils has a webinar presentation by Leigh Greenwood, on the ways firewood can be processed through seasoning, solarizing, kiln drying and heat treatment so as to prevent the spread of invasive insect pests. 

Equipment for the Production of Firewood This PowerPoint presentation by Marcus Steigerwaldt features firewood processing equipment, what to look for when buying firewood equipment, and accessories for streamlining production. It also discusses the future of firewood processing equipment and of firewood industry. 

Equipment for the High Volume Producer This PowerPoint presentation by Marcus Steigerwaldt focuses on equipment for high volume production of firewood.

1620 SS Firewood Processor Offers information on the features, specifications, ergonomics and safety, and performance of an equipment that can be used to process logs to split firewood.

Multitek Model 1616 EZ Firewood Processor Provides information on the features, specifications, ergonomics and safety, and performance of Multitek Model 1616 EZ Firewood Processor.

Model 2040xp2 Firewood Processor - Multitek Inc Provides information on the production rating, specifications and performance features of the firewood processor. 

Model 3040xp2 Firewood Processor - Multitek Inc Is a firewood processing machine for harsh environments and high volume fuelwood production.

Woods Commercial Kinetic Log splitter - Woods Equipment This brochure explains how the log splitter machine works and provides information on its advantages and specifications.

Mighty Ox Brochure 2015 - Millcreek Manufacturing A graphic rich brochure on an entry level splitter for handling a wide range of pieces, from 30” diameter to less than 14” diameter.

Top 10 Log Splitters Provides information on different types of log splitters, including gas, electric and manual log splitters.