• Environmental & genetic approaches to lower greenhouse heating costs

    Published on March 22, 2012
    To lower energy costs for greenhouse heating, we have taken two approaches: to optimize greenhouse temperature on a species- and seasonal-basis, and to develop genetic resources to help facilitate the breeding of crops that flower earlier.

  • Scheduling bedding plants for energy-efficient production

    Published on February 22, 2012
    In this article, we discuss the effects of average daily temperature and starting size of plugs on flowering time and crop quality of a variety of annual bedding plants.

  • Are you recognizing your heating costs?

    Published on November 17, 2011
    Crop heating costs increase as production time increases, the size of the container increases, and the earlier in the spring that plants are finished.

  • Ten ways to heat your house.

    Published on November 9, 2010
    Now that the winter heating season has started, it’s a great time to evaluate your production practices and think of ways to heat more sustainably next winter.

  • Biocontainers For long-term crops.

    Published on October 9, 2010
    Which of the many biocontainers is the most feasible option for long-term crops like poinsettias? Find out.

  • Revisiting poinsettia cold finishing up north.

    Published on August 9, 2010
    Cold finishing makes sense for certain poinsettia cultivars. Find out which ones cold finish best, best practice strategies and how much money you can save.

  • Reducing greenhouse energy consumption

    Published on April 22, 2010
    This article outlines our multifaceted approach to improve the energy efficiency of greenhouse crop production, both in the short- and long-term.

  • Why use Virtual Grower?

    Published on October 17, 2009
    The Virtual Grower greenhouse simulation software translates your structure’s data and manipulates it to help calculate costs and make choices to be more energy efficient.

  • Paper or Plastic.

    Published on October 9, 2009
    Does a conversion from plastic pots to Ellepots make sense for you? Researchers conducted an analysis to find out.

  • Evaluate your greenhouse to save energy

    Published on September 9, 2009
    Walking growers through evaluating their greenhouse to save energy.