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The MSU Floriculture Endowment Fund

The MSU Floriculture Research and Outreach Fund is an endowment created by Erik Runkle in 2005 using revenue generated from off-campus educational events.  Companies have since made donations to support and invest in applied floriculture research and extension at MSU.  Disbursements from this fund are used to support a range of activities, including graduate student travel to participate in national and international meetings, floriculture outreach activities, page charges for scientific publications, professional development of staff, etc.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support MSU Floriculture now and in the future.  Visit the MSU Development website directly or contact Erik Runkle at 517-353-0350 for giving opportunities.

Information generated from industry-driven floriculture research at MSU is supported by donations and gifts from private horticulture companies and the following granting agencies.  We thank everyone for their support; without their generosity, applied floriculture research at MSU would not be possible.

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