• Cold and sustainable poinsettia production.

    Published on July 9, 2008
    The research and explanation of cold and sustainable poinsettia production.

  • Responses to temperature & light

    Published on January 29, 2008
    Longer growing time at cooler temperatures or shorter growing time with warmer temperatures? That question is addressed for annual bedding plants in this article.

  • Steps toward sustainablity.

    Published on December 9, 2007
    A special report on what it takes to make your garden center or greenhouse operation environmentally responsible and sustainable profitable.

  • Using +DIF to lower fuel costs

    Published on February 17, 2007
    As energy costs continue to be a concern, consider growing crops at a warm day temperature and a cool night temperature to help reduce fuel costs.

  • Manage temperatures for the best spring crops

    Published on January 17, 2007
    Given the high cost of greenhouse heating, many growers are lowering the temperature set points. While there are some advantages to lowering the thermostat, some negative consequences can arise.